Neo Tokyo Skies

Roleplaying Game

Launch yourself into a deeply detailed, high sci-fi universe of amazing technological wonders, political intrigue, space exploration, adventure and fast paced action both on the ground and in the depths of space.

Whether you are interested in the clean dealings and politics of The Core or are looking for places where morality is less certain out in The Reach, your next adventure is never far away.

Listen carefully and you will hear her song. Only when you truly embrace the harmony of the Void will you fully understand its beauty.

Aden "Star Strider" : 5th Level Void Dancer
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About The Game

Learn about the Neo Tokyo Skies RPG, its history and author.


Neo Tokyo Skies Lore

Discover more about the many wonders of the NTS universe.


Resources & Downloads

Download quick play rules, character sheets and starter adventures.